Orbital Floor Reconstruction

The Osteomesh® biomimetic design structure delivers predictable bone regeneration whilst providing structural support. The resultant regenerated bone minimizes complications, such as orbit compartment syndrome of permanent implants as evidenced by a 10-year clinical series.

Osteomesh® is easy to use as it is mouldable in warm saline and shaped by surgical scissors.

PLEASE NOTE: This product may not be approved yet in your country. Product indications may also vary from country to country. Please check with our local representatives for more information.

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Orbital Reconstruction Video

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Supporting Documents

Brochure: Osteomesh® in Orbital Floor Reconstruction (Non CE)

Free E-Surgical Guide: Orbital Repair with Osteomesh

Osteomesh - Orbital Floor Reconstruction

Brochure: Osteomesh® in Orbital Floor Reconstruction (EU)


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Instructions for use are found in the information that accompanied the product packaging.