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We are the global leaders in regenerative solutions. Our bioresorbable implant is the first of its kind to be successfully developed and commercialized for surgical use.

Our implants heal bone naturally. They are made of a bioresorbable polymer that dissolves over time, leaving only natural, healthy bone. This reduces post-surgery complication rates significantly, compared to permanent implants.

Our products are trusted and used by surgeons across Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas.

Osteopore 3D Printing

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We are approved for use across several regions and operate in over 20 countries and autonomous regions.

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Our Osteoplug in plug and strip configuration fill craniotomy gaps effortlessly. They also promote bone tissue integration, from the skull to the bone flap.

Skull Base Closure

Skull Base Closure

With a one-step process, Osteopore's mesh products may support the reconstruction of the skull base entry. The regenerative scaffold fully resorbs by hydrolysis in 18-24 months leaving only natural bone.

Skull Base Closure
Osteopore Technology

Our Technology

We harness the body’s regenerative capacity to rebuild lost tissues. Osteopore (OSX) creates bioresorbable implants by leveraging the combined technologies of tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and 3d printing techniques.

With in-situ tissue engineering, surgeons and dentists reduce time to treatment—there is no need for them to extensively manipulate or culture cells and material outside of the body.