Socket Preservation

Osteoplug® is a bioresorbable implant designed with a patented interconnected porous architecture that promotes tissue and vascular ingrowth.

It is an integrating implant to preserve dental socket after tooth extraction. This device regenerate bone in the socket width and height to support the dental implant.

Design Features:

  • Resorbability: Fully hydrolysed in 18-24 months
  • Porosity: Similar mechanical properties to human cancellous bone
  • Interconnected micro-architecture: Provides sufficient support to cranial vault regeneration and remodeling

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PLEASE NOTE: This product may not be approved yet in your country. Product indications may also vary from country to country. Please check with our local representatives for more information.

Instructions for use

Feature Video

Socket Preservation Feature Video

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Supporting Documents

Brochure: Osteoplug® in Socket Preservation


Free E-Surgical Guide: Osteoplug® in Socket Preservation


Instructions for use are found in the information that accompanied the product packaging.