High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) Wedge

PCL-TCP Regenerative Implant

aXOpore® OTO Wedge for High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) is a 3D printed scaffold, made to fit bioresorbable implant used in conjunction with knee preservation surgeries.

aXOpore® OTO Wedge is designed with a patented interconnected architecture that promotes tissue and vascular ingrowth. aXOpore®’s homogenous composite of Polycaprolactone-Tricalcium Phosphate (PCL-TCP), provides sufficient mechanical strength, is biodegradable, osteoconductive, and supports early weight bearing.

This bioresorbable implant is recommended for Medial Opening Wedge High Tibial Osteotomy (MOWHTO). If required, aXOpore® OTO Wedge can be trimmed with a blade to ensure a proper fit and no soaking of arterial blood is required.

aXOpore® OTO Wedge offers the following benefits:

  • Full weightbearing is viable at 4 weeks
  • Promising short-medium term results
  • Fully synthetic
  • Time saving and easy to use

PLEASE NOTE: This product may not be approved yet in your country. Product indications may also vary from country to country. Please check with our local representatives for more information.

High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO)

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