Burr Hole Restoration after Subdural Hematoma Evacuation

Burr holes are created to drain fluid accumulated in the brain after trauma or weakened blood vessels due to ageing, some of which are covered with permanent implants. Some burr holes are not covered due to cost, extra time, and additional permanent objects in the body.  

With a one-step plug, the Osteoplug® solution fits snugly into into burr holes—and does not require extra time. It is made of bioresorbable polymer that biodegrades between 18-24 months. It also facilitates natural bone healing to cover the hole permanently.

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Burr Hole Restoration after Evacuation Video

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Brochure: Osteoplug in Burr Hole Restoration (Non CE)

Osteoplug Jan 2024

Brochure: Osteoplug in Burr Hole Restoration (EU)


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