Target Market Determination as of 13th March 2024 — Read more
Delving into Osteopore's journey as a burgeoning force in Australian MedTech, this report highlights its transformative role in regenerative medicine. Noteworthy amidst challenges, Osteopore marks a milestone with over 100,000 implants globally with ~80% achieved between 2019-2023, signifying a remarkable stride in product adoption. — Read more
During a discussion with Prisila, Correspondent for Asia Business Outlook Magazine, Lim Jing expressed his thoughts on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the medical device sector and the anticipated repercussions. — Read more
Bone specialist Osteopore (ASX:OSX) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with China-based medical device innovation accelerator InnoVentures to commercialise Osteopore’s orthopaedic products in China. — Read more
Osteopore (OSX) and CellHeal have signed a binding term sheet to collaborate with a view to commercialising the use of Osteopore’s regenerative implant technology in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. — Read more
Osteopore’s bioresorbable mesh product, Osteomesh®, has received reimbursement approval from Discovery Health Medical Scheme (DHMS). Following its partnership with South African distributor Chronos Medical (Pty) Ltd, Osteopore is now aiming to incorporate more of its products into the DHMS reimbursement scheme, following regulatory approval. — Read more
With an initial three-year term, Majeton will immediately begin engaging with doctors and hospitals, both government and private. Osteopore aims to continue expanding its network to enable greater accessibility to a wider range of products targeting the Singapore dental and oral maxillofacial market. — Read more
Osteopore (ASX: OSX) signs two initial agreements with Accelerate Technologies Pte Ltd (A*STAR’s technology transfer arm) to license innovative bioactive technology designed to accelerate bone and tissue regeneration, for Osteopore’s incorporation into implants. — Read more
Osteopore (ASX: OSX) announces a strategic sub-distribution partnership with Kelyniam through its U.S. sales distribution partner, Bioplate Inc. to further penetrate the USD1.1 billion cranial implant market. — Read more
In an article published by the University of Cambridge in 2021, Singapore’s medical technology industry witnessed substantial growth in the past two decades, which could be categorised into four main phases: “Sowing the Seeds”, “Attracting Talents”, “Industrial Alignment”, and “Continued Growth”. — Read more
Target Market Determination as of 10th March 2023 — Read more
Osteopore will acquire multiple medical distribution businesses that are currently responsible for ~40%-45% of its total sales globally in a move to become cash flow positive and profitable faster. — Read more
Revenue increased 6.6 per cent over Q2 CY22 as Osteopore achieves a record revenue of $S460,684 for Q3 CY22, resulting in the fourth consecutive quarter of revenue growth, and a 164 per cent increase over the previous year’s revenue for Q3 CY21. — Read more
Osteopore received US$360,000 in non-dilutive grant funding from the Government of Chile’s Scientific and Technological Development Support Fund (FONDEF) which provided US$225k, and the University of Chile which provided US$135k toward developing a novel 3D-printable implant that accelerates bone regeneration. — Read more
Osteopore’s products will be incorporated into the Australian Prostheses List in November, providing access to private health insurance holders. — Read more
Three-dimensional printing technology paves the way for healing of bones and tissues. Thanks to new 3D printing technology like the one developed by Osteopore, also known as bioprinting, doctors can now make safe and time-effective implants that suit the patients' requirements. — Read more
While a medical device company creates a 3D printed implant for a young man struggling with a concave chest, a doctor uses 3D printing to visualise and strategise for an upcoming complex surgery. — Read more
Osteopore delivered strong sales growth and gross margin in Q4, and the lifting of pandemic restrictions will provide the company with strong tailwinds ahead. — Read more
Osteopore (ASX:OSX) has been green lit by Hong Kong’s Medical Device Control System (MDACS), offering the bone healing specialist the perfect staging ground into Greater China. — Read more
Osteopore shares digitalisation initiatives to increase efficiency. — Read more
In a major new development, bone healing company Osteopore (ASX:OSX) has been granted a patent in China for its ‘smart’ 3D biometric scaffolds. — Read more
Medical technology company Singular Health has partnered with innovative Australian scientific research agency CSIRO, on a project that is looking to develop an artificial intelligence-based tool to automatically design replacement “cranial implants” for 3D printing. The company has also entered into a collaboration with ASX-listed Osteopore to validate results of the project. — Read more
Regenerative implant innovators Osteopore and plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Michael Wagels have teamed up to conduct two ground-breaking human clinical trials. — Read more
After revolutionising reconstructive surgeries with regenerative implants that promote natural bone healing and tissue repair, Osteopore International is globalising its devices for broader use in dental, orthopaedic and spinal surgeries. — Read more
Medical technology company Osteopore (ASX: OSX) says the “robust capital position” it ended the June quarter in will enable it to take advantage of an expected increase in elective surgeries. — Read more
A recent article published in the Advance Science magazine discussed research by Monash University that uncovered a new technique to alter the shape of individual stem cells, which could potentially speed up recovery times for bone replacements. — Read more
Medtech company Osteopore (ASX: OSX) will soon have it’s 3D-printed bone regeneration products in the view of major international medical markets through a new collaboration with one of the world’s largest medical companies. — Read more