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Osteoplug Osteomesh

Osteomeshâ„¢ is a bioresorbable implant used in craniofacial surgery to repair various types of fractures, like the orbital floor fracture and to fill surgical defects. Its unique architecture allows rapid saturation with marrow, blood and nutrients, thus providing the patient's own cells with chemical signals that are required for bone growth and remodeling. The mesh offers a rigid yet flexible scaffold with sufficient mechanical strength that supports bone in-growth and it degrades as bone regeneration and remodeling takes place. Long term clinical trials showed significant bone regeneration, as the material is slowly resorbed by the body and replaced by autologous bone.

  • Fully interconnected pores
  • Malleable
  • Flexible
  • Easily cut to any shape
  • Standard products (length by breadth by height):
    • 50 by 50 by 1 (mm)
    • 40 by 40 by 1 (mm)
    • 25 by 25 by 1 (mm)

The Osteomeshâ„¢ may be customized according to your or your patients needs. Please feel free to contact us at

*Osteopore International will be able to provide technical expertise to suit your needs.